Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shit, I look good.

Sometimes before I go out I look in the mirror and think to myself, "shit, I look good". I assume that my hipster wannabe photographer friend who carries around his 10 pound camera that he bought off of craigslist last month is at least going to take one good picture of my outfit. The next day I am disappointed when I log onto facebook and realize the only photograph of me is a close of up of my face post double shot of Southern Comfort. By then my fabulous outfit is really no more- 'cause I spilled cola on the white shirt, gave the ring on my finger to some random girl and left my handbag in the cab. And so I have no pictures, and I'm pretty pissed because I almost got caught stealing at H and M for that outfit and my mom is going to be mad I gave her vintage ring away.

So I decided that I would create this blog, a home for all of our outfits. The colorful ones, the outrageously obnoxious ones, that one's that broke you and your best friend up because she wanted to wear those shoes out. It doesn't matter how naked you are, or if you're wearing snow pants in July.

Send away, the night has only begun.